Job Details

Position : Physical Therapist

Evaluates and instructs patients in activities of daily living.

Instructs mobility-impaired patients on therapies to improve functional abilities.

Evaluates need for durable medical equipment and assistive devices to improve patient's ability to function.

If patient has a prosthetic or wheelchair, evaluates need for modification.

Assists in scheduling discharge planning and need for on-going therapy.

Establishes and advances "home" exercise programs, as needed, to facilitate independence with activities of daily living and mobility. 

Initiates formal assessments of patients and prepares appropriate treatment plans.

Conducts patient evaluations and notes all comments in the patient's medical file.

Administers physical treatments to include joint mobilization, muscle training and corrective exercises, and coordination therapy to patients as assigned.

Observes the physical condition of the patient and reaction to therapy and reports unusual occurrences to team physician/lead. Makes appropriate and timely entries in medical records to document clinical progress.

Carries out instructions of the physician in charge. 

Recommends needed medical equipment with the treatment and management team.

Attends meetings and participates in training and education classes as needed.

Assists in training members of the medical team on safely assisting patients to promote both patient and staff safety.

Makes recommendations regarding site set up or patient accommodation within the facility to enhance safety.