Job Details

Position : SDET (web services)

Perform the Functional, Smoke, Regression and End-to-End Testing. Maintain the Performance of Regression Suite that runs through the Jenkins pipeline. Make release approvals based on the End-to-End results.

Involve in writing the automated scripts for Angular JS application using Cucumber Protractor and Typescript followed by BDD(Behavior Driven Development) Framework.

Execute webservices tests with Postman, SoapUI and create an automated flow using Groovy Script, Java, JavaScript wherever required and to capture the data which is in the Database tables.

Develop the SQL queries to modify and check Database tables using complex structured queries.

Create an automation scripts to connect the Sql, DB2 database tables. Validate the data from the source tables like DB2, DBVisualizser, SQL List 2015 and N1QL queries in Couchbase, by sending the requests Using Soap UI, Ready API and Rest web services then captured the response from them.