Job Details

Position : Network Infrastructure Engineer

Minimum of 5 years experience in the design, operation, and management of regional, national and global LAN/WAN networks and security services.

Plan, Design, and Engineer large scale enterprise wireless data networks utilizing distributed and cloud-based architectures and service partner infrastructure.

Wireless network infrastructure design, engineering, and implementation from component level to enterprise deployment at scale.

Define, design and guide the implementation of multiple methods of securing and monitoring wireless/mobile networks, wireless client device connectivity, and wireless application performance.

Conceive, design, and implement programmatic and automated communication services on networks, network management systems (aka telemetry and NMS), and infrastructure management systems.

Define, design and guide the implementation of APIs as part of an automated feature or communications service between networks and systems management tiers.

Define, design and guide the implementation of automated systems providing performance management data unique to wireless network components, client devices, and mobile app interfaces.

Define, design, and guide the implementation of APIs and data exchange features with infrastructure management and service management systems (i.e. service databases, operations tools, etc.).