Job Details

Position : Surgical Technologist

Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of surgical procedures and instrumentation.

Performs all responsibilities/duties required, as defined in the scope of service, to ensure that the unique nature of the client is addressed. 

Establishes and maintains sterile field and assures team maintains sterile environment.

Has knowledge of instrumentations, assumes responsibility to clean and prepare instruments for sterilization.

Ensures all necessary equipment is in the room prior to the start of a case, including instrumentation, equipment, supplies and preemptively audits case carts for accuracy and takes ownership of his/her case.

Assists other members of the team with cleaning of OR suite and prepping the room for the next patient.

Functions as a role model for current/new surgical staff and is in safety/efficiency process.

Demonstrates eagerness to learn takes direction, adapts to changes within unit, and is an advocate for the team and organization at all times.

Demonstrates correct and safe instrumentation passing and performs sponge, needle and instrument counts in a safe and accurate manner.

Participate in review of activities and processes for area of work; assists in implementing changes to effect continual improvement in services provided, and complies with regulatory and legal requirements.