Job Details

Position : Radiologic Technologist

Must be Xray and CT certified.

Would like to become a perm hire.

Preparing examination rooms for patient examinations.

Administering radiopharmaceuticals to obtain clear, usable images.

Positioning patients and equipment, explaining the procedures, and ensuring patients' comfort.

Inserting commands and data into the computer to document and specify the scan sequences, and monitoring the video display to adjust the density or contrast.

Monitoring patients during examinations, ensuring their safety, and following procedures to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Producing diagnostic images, reporting important information to the Physician, and updating patients' records.

Organizing the daily procedure schedules for emergencies and monitoring radiographic supplies.

Performing administrative tasks, such as answering technical questions, scheduling appointments, and offering pre-procedure advice.

Performing scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs on radiographic equipment.