Job Details

Position : Dentist Job Opportunity

Graduation from an accredited school of dentistry.

Requires a comprehensive knowledge of all phases of primary dental care in an out-patient clinical setting.

Knowledge of the principles and modern dentistry.

The community health clinic Staff dentist must be cognizant of the prevalent health and social stressors on the patients and the impact of these on their practice of dentistry.

Spanish Speaking, Reading and Writing Preferred.

Meeting with patients to discuss and treat dental concerns, performing regular cleanings and other preventative procedures, and establish a plan for better dental hygiene.

Performing dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, and filling cavities.

Correcting bite issues and overcrowding.

Applying helpful agents to teeth, such as sealants or whiteners.

Prescribing medications for dental problems, such as pain medications or antibiotics.

Giving clients sedatives or anesthesia prior to administering treatments.

Ordering diagnostic measures, such as x-rays, models, etc.

Using tools, such as drills, probes, brushes, or mirrors, to examine and treat teeth and mouth.

Keeping records relating to the oral health of patients and the treatments given to them.

Managing and communicating with other staff members to provide care to patients.