Job Details

Position : Nursery Nurse Job Opening

Offering medical care, such as dispensing medications, performing diagnostic tests, operating monitoring devices, assisting Physicians in surgeries and treatment administration, and consulting with the healthcare team to assess, implement, and evaluate patient care plans.

Providing infant care, such as holding and rocking babies, preparing bottles and feeding babies, changing diapers, and providing emotional support, physical comfort, and social interaction when the parents cannot be present.

Recording medical information and maintaining accurate patient records.

Communicating with parents to update them on their child's care, educate them on home care, and answer questions or direct them to medical staff who can answer their questions.

Providing expert advice to Pediatricians, comforting restless children, and communicating with families.

Ensuring care center environments remain safe and child-friendly.

Designing plans for child development and care, ensuring children are safe, happy, and stimulated, encouraging children's development through play, particularly during illnesses, and stimulating children with special and sensory needs.

Meeting with parents to discuss their child's health and development.

Performing administrative duties, such as supervising staff, coordinating activity programs for children, setting up the nursery's daily routine, and attending meetings.

Supporting abused children and promoting public health and parenting.

NICU and delivery experience are preferred.

STABLE certification preferred but not required.